Friday, September 29, 2006

the crying of lot 49 / thomas pynchon

i hope to say more about this book on my normal blog, but for now here's my quick first impression:

i wish that there was a market for re-edited, even partially rewritten, books. i know this is awfully hubristic sounding, but i feel like i could have significantly improved this book. i really liked it's crazy, interwoven themes. i really liked how tp has moments where his odd images suddenly coalesce in bright lights of clarity and are so well put. but i think that the work is dated. i doubt thatt ehre are many readers today that would pick up the crying and relate with o, the other characters, or even much of the plot. for this book to be meaningful, i think that we must have some connection with the narrator. unfortunately her bewildering sexathon in the beginning of the book spoils that for me. and i don't think thtat i'm just speaking as a moral conservative. there really is very little that connects o and i. consequently, there is nothing sane to keep me anchored to the book itself...

i wonder what happens after the book ends.

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